True love A Sad Lie

Love is not s marketing tool , where the good ness of the product is highlighted and then it wears off after warranty period. Yet many fall for cars, flower, chocolates, music, dinner, cruises, holidays and physical bonding as Love.

These are just marketing tools. Tools to show the goodness in a person at all times. But would you love the same person when the marketing tools are not there to enhance the so called love for each other.

Thats a question that lovers need to answer. The first attraction for love is physical attraction. Sex. Lot of sex. But when the attraction fades of and physical acts of expression reduces, love reduces. So frankly that was not love but a lustful feeling.

So love is not to be measured with marketing tools. Love is not a feeling of lust. So what is love. Lot of the people spend lot of time trying to find true love. And after spending a eternity for it, they know there is nothing as true love, they settle for the second best which is ” i am okay with whomever i find “. Then in the name of love, they try to settle with what they have or try to change them to what they want them to be. So love is not a partnership of acceptance or change.

With all the love in the world people get married. They exchange vows and make promises of not letting go of each other till the end of time. Yet they are ready to tear at other at the slightest provocation as years go by. So where did the love go and end up in divorce. So love is not marriage.

In many ways people who are seekers of love are looking for companionship. For its what you are willing to let go when you are in love is what matters.

So if your intention is to find love, you will find it. If your intention is stay married, you will do that. But finding true love should not be your ultimate purpose in life. You are alive to do lot many other things.