Empowerment The Key To Good Customer Service

I and my family were put on a holiday. We had booked a room in one of the best resorts and was looking forward to a good holiday. We arrived at our hotel and after finishing our Check In procedures were taken to our room. Yes I know thats normal. But I have to build up the story 😂.

The bell boy helped us with our luggage and on upon reaching the room, he opened the door for us. He was showing us the room when he realised that the room has not been prepared as per his hotels standards. He turned towards us and told us apologetically ” Sir, i am extremely sorry to say that the room is not in proper shape. I will change the room for you”.

He quickly made a phone call to his superior and informed him about the problem. He then took us to the new room and told me ‘ we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have got you a new room and its an upgrade. Please enjoy your stay”.

Well needless to say, we liked to room. But we kept repeating to ourselves ” The bell boy had the power to change the room and give us an upgrade. The company had empowered him to make a decision. He didnt have to wait for the approval from his superior. He took the decision. What a wonderful company where all employees speak the same language when it comes to customer service.

I have done lots pf workshops on cuatomer service. Companies spend top dollars on such trainings with the aim to improveon customer service. But igs the same story after the training. Employees dont have the courage to make a decision as they havero get it approved from their superiors. Amd thats the worst thing when it comes tp customer service. Customer having to wait for a decision in their favour.

And if you dont give the power to your employees to make a decision, the customer service scores of your company will never improve. So before you spend money sending your employees for Customer Service training programs, please ask yourself if you are willing to Empower your employees to make a decision

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