Anger a Useless Emotion. Compassion The Way of Living

Our lives are in   constant flux, which generates  its own predicaments. However  this can be successfully resolved, if it is thought through with a clear mind supported by a rich spiritual practice. But in contrast, if this is thought through with hatred, selfishness, jealousy and anger in mind, it clouds our judgement and  lead to disastrous consequences. Anything can happen.  The  negative vibes generated through our actions also  affects our health. Hence we need to cleanse our own perspective, before taking any actions through practice of reflective compassion.

When we are caught up in that destructive mindset , we loose our greatest asset which is the freedom to think through an action. Being possessed by this negative emotion , also hinders our capability of making sound judgement. This leads to us talking crazily and doing wild gestures, even getting physical. Road rage is a classic example of a normal person being possessed by a destructive emotion saying and doing crazy things. And once this negative person fades, we are embarrassed by the way we acted and reacted.  This only shows that when we are in that grip of that emotion, we loose our capability to think straight and make a sound judgement.

Although  unfavorable  conditions can be removed, when they are removed under the influence of hatred and anger, they tend to create its own set of problems, because hatred distorts your thinking and clouds your judgement. However if the problems are looked upon by examining the facts and looking at the actual situation, the solution will be a favorable one without any negative side effects.

The biggest difference between Humans and Animals is that the humans have the capability of thinking and forming a judgment.  Humans also have a infinite capacity of love, whereas animals have a limited capability of love and affection. But when these emotions are replaced in Human with anger this can lead to disastrous consequences.  When animals react out of anger or lust, they do it for a limited time. But the same action done by Humans can lead to larger destruction of mind, body and spirit. Anger has the capability of being a destroyer  and with far larger consequences than the weapons produced by mankind. Animals don’t have the capability of committing destruction on a larger scale as compared to humans. Humans on the other hand have the capability of thinking through their action and do lot of good or bad with their actions. It depends on which emotion channelizes these actions.

 When we look deeply into such things, we realize that all our actions are rooted through our mind.   Negative attitudes are a result of our ignorance. If we are able to analyze the negative effects of being angry and replace it with kindness and compassion then our reaction towards a situation would also change.   For instance, you might be a person who gets easily irritated, but once you are able to understand the reason for it, the same emotion can be undermined and replaced with a positive emotion.

If we allow love and compassion to be replaced with angerand hatred then we are also loosing our ability to think between right orwrong. The same can be said all the conflicts we are having between countries.If only these countries are able to think clearly with compassion and realize how much they have in common. I hope the history of conflicts and war makes countries realize that there is no place for emotions of hatred and anger to resolve a conflict. If you see the history of unresolved conflicts of our times, we can see clearly that there is place for negative emotions of Anger and Hatred if you are looking for a permanent solution. Internal peace is important for External peace.  This is the way our world can be a happy and peaceful place to live.

One every level the biggest trouble makers in our lives are anger and egotism. When it comes to egotism, it is not the reference of “I”,but this attitude of manipulating others to follow a negative path. The only  way we can make the world a better place is to practice kindness. Kindness towards others and kindness in our actions will create a harmonious world filled with happiness.  Once we are kind to others, the same emotions will be reciprocated by our neighbors and friends and people in general leading to a life filled with love a and compassion. This is only way to resolving issues of the world.

It is time for us and the world leaders to learn to transcend differences and look at their neighbors and other countries with compassion and realize how much they have in common.  To do so will uplift the human species and create a world for harmonious living.

A few of the developed nations have realized that the conditions of our life and our physical well being  is related to our state of mind.  This is where the change of begin.  And if we individually change our perspectives towards our fellow human beings,  we can also reorient the way we think of us and others in this world.