5 facts you must know before you start a business

Independence, To hell with reporting to someone., Desire to earn more money are the key reasons people give when they look to start their own business. But majority of the people also fail when they try do their own thing.

Inspiration to be independent comes from lot of sources. Major source is when we see some one we know who has made it big or read about some one who left his or hers high paying ob and became a millionaire by doing organic farming. Or we read about Steve Jobs who did not complete his college education , but became a successful innovator and entrepreneur. Whatever the inspiration to do your thing is, if you don’t tread carefully , you are most likely to fail. So think before you jump.

Here are few FACTS which will help you in thinking clearly before the Adrenalin of being independent kicks in:

Fact 1:You don’t earn money from day 1. So you need money to survive

If you are used to having money credited into your account first week of every month , then you must realize that it takes time for you to earn money when you start a business. So you must be able to survive for few months without a income. The questions you need to ask yourself before you start a business are : a) When will my business start earning money?. b) Can I survive without a income till I earn money from my business venture.c) Do I have enough savings to survive?

Fact 2: You need to gather knowledge about the business you want to invest in

Knowing about the business before you start in is important. Do enough research on the subject. Read about it, know who the competitors are , know the future. When you research , you gain knowledge on the subject and that just makes you better. So read, research , ask questions before you put your money into it.

Fact 3: Hard work is still the key for success

For all the people who get inspired by stories of college drop outs being a millionaire or a poor guy becoming rich, please note that they worked hard for their success. This work ethic does not change whether you work for somebody or for yourself. The biggest satisfaction you receive is that the money earned when in business will be yours and yours only.

Fact 4 : It is not a 9 to 5 job

Unlike a regular job, when you are working on your won there are no timings. In fact you tend to work more when you are working as a business owner or entrepreneur.

Fact 5: Never trust your friend in taking care of your money like the way you do

Lot of people fail to do this. They trust a friend or a close associate who has sold them on a idea of making money. The most common thing they believe in is when the friend or associate tells them ” Dont worry, I will take care of your money as my own”. And once the business fails the same friend or associate will say ” I am sorry but I tried my best”. The biggest truth you must understand is that ” Its your money and you need to take care of it. Nobody else will”.

I hope the above facts help you understand what it takes to start a business and not blindly believe in all the success stories published in Social media or any other media.

My Life As A Door to Door Sales Man

What job can a go getter, extrovert, wanting to please everyone, sportsman and a recently graduated young man do. The answer cam loud and clear from the Cousin who was an inspiration young man. A salesman is what you can be. It suits your life goals. And on the way you can make lots of money.

So off I went to the first job I could find. Selling fire extinguishers door to door. It was a daunting task ,but I was a enthusiast. We were trained during the course that 9 rejections equals one acceptance. So I was all ready every day to hear 9 people reject my product, so that I can make a fantastic presentation to the 10th prospect in order to get a YES. It might sound funny, but young minds are easy to program. And I believed every word the trainer said. Yes there were promises by the company that you can be a millionaire if you sell consistently 300% over the budget for next 3 years.

At the end of the training program, we were given a kit filled with stock to sell. The manager gave a motivating speech about his life and how he achieved, what we all wanted to achieve. We were each given a territory and targets. I went to my territory and went to do my first call. I entered the business premises with the intention of using my new found enthusiasm and confidence in accepting a rejection. Then I found myself frozen. My mind was saying yes to meet the owner of the business enterprise, but my body doe sent seem to move. I quickly rushed out and retreated quietly to the nearest tea shop quickly. I realised that mind programming did not work on me and I was shit scared of the rejection.

Anyway after lot of effort of trying to meet someone and making a presentation, I made my first call after 2 days. Yes it took me 2 days to find the courage to make my first sales call. It was like to trying to take cold shower bath. You let the cold water fall on your body for 3 seconds and you rush out of the shower , soaped, scrubbed and washing off the soap in world record time. I mumbled my presentation and asked for a order. I was thrown out the business premise in world record time. I consoled myself by saying ” They didn’t understand the concept of portable fire extinguishers.”

Door to Door selling also involved selling to households. This brings out its own charm. You ring the bell, put a smile, straighten your tie, waiting for the door to open . When the door opens , you try to impress the person in from of you with your presentation.Based on your presentation skills or their mood , you will get them to listen to you or have the door slammed on your face. Sometimes the door opens and you dont see anyone in front of you. That’s strange maybe a ghost opened in the door, till you realise that it is a child who has opened the door. The Child is the king of the house and acts like a bully to strangers. Who are you?, What do you want? they ask. Before you answer you hear from the back ground, the parent asking the child–Who the hell is on the door?, Who are you are chatting with? , Didn’t I tell you all strangers are kidnappers?. So by the time you are trying to answer the child’s question with your best smile, the door gets slammed on your face.

Few others experiences in this horrible world of direct selling involves, opening the gate of a villa and trying to get to the front door, you hear a growling sound. Those bastards have not put a sign ” Beware of dogs” and you are kind of stuck between the front gate and the front door, thinking to yourself, today is the day I have to run for my life. So you run like Usain Bolt as fast as you can to save yourself bitten by the dog. Sometimes you met a old army veteran, who is kind enough to ask you politely in a gentlemanly way Who are you and What is your purpose of your visit?. And when you speak about your purpose, you get the marching orders ” Above turn , quick march I say”. A very polite way of saying Fuck off.

My door to door selling career lasted exactly 6 months. My parents were not sure what I am doing. All they could see is their boy going out early in the morning and coming back late in the night.And if he did not hit the target, he got his travel allowance cut and earning only 40 percent of the income he was promised by the company. So that ended my career in Door To Door Selling. A great training ground fo a youngster, but a lousy income generator.