Top things I do once I come back from a business trip

I travel a lot for work. Its a bane and boon. Boon is that I get some ME time to do few things I like to do. But when I come my family who has missed me ( they really miss me) demands my attention. There are lot of things to be done. Below is a list I do when I come back.

1. Hug my wife and babies. After I come back from a trip , the tiredness of my travel is taken away by the hugs from my wife and 2 daughters. Nothing recharges your body like a HUG. I hereby declare that everyone should hug their family atleast once a day and once before sleeping.

2. Take my little baby who is one and a half year old from my wife. My little baby misses me the most. So i take her away from my wife and help my baby and wife to sleep. My wife is super tired taking care of the baby .So its only nice to get my deposits in my wifes good husband bank high.

3. Laundryyy. I am the laundry man of the house. I love doing this. Clothes used in my trip needs my attention. And my elder daughters too. She forgets to get her clothes washed during weekends and i end up doing this. But I love it.

4. Grocery shopping. Imporant thing to be done. Otherwise no food for the week. I dont slack on it either.

5. No cooking day. Its a strict policy in my house. Weekend is for everyone. So no cooking, just lazing around. Everyone gets a holiday on weekends. So its usually a take out or going out to eat.

After all this if there is time and if she is fully relaxed then some time for a massage maybe. Who knows I might get lucky.

In the end , if we are working for the family, its important to spend time with them. Otherwise whats the purpose of our lives.