If you Are Fit Are you Really Fit?

Nowadays every one wants be fit. Lot of exercise areas have come up and fitness has become a muliti billion dollar industry. Calorie Count, BMI index, Fat count have all become the norm for a fit day. But the question is are all the People who do rigourous exercise, have 32 inch bicep and can run a marathon under 4 hours really fit. In their quest to be fit, all fitness enthusiasts especially the late bloomers ( 40 years and above) end up injured trying to do too much, too soon. They take help of instructors who are as Egoistic to show their regimen is working to loose fat and gain muscle , just like the student who is also in a hurry to do the same.

Take Cross fit for example. Cross fit has been the latest boom in the fitness industry. A movement which started in 2000 , the normal workout schedule contains of 30 minutes of high intensity workouts. A recent study published by a trio of researchers from Britain says that out 132 Cross Fit Enthusiasts interviewed 70 percent sustained injuries while training and few even needed surgery. Most of the injuries involved Shoulder and Spine as lot of workouts involve Lifting weights and pull ups.

Another fad nowadays is long distance running. Although this form of exercise is considered a excellent cardio workout, too Much of it can lead to premature aging of heart muscles and increase in irregular heart beat. So more running or more cardio is certainly not good for the heart. In fact you start suffering from Chronic Exercise syndrome which is a feeling of dissatisfaction if one does not exercise.

The fact remains that too much exercise is bad for health. Moderation is the key for being fittest.

So what is fitness.

” You are fit if after hards work, you still have time to play with your kids.

You are Fit , if after a hard days work, you can still cook a meal for your wife as she had a rough day at her workplace.

You are Fit, if you can on a Sunday spend the whole after noon with your wife shopping for Groceries.

You are fit, if you can help your parents mow the lawn of their house on a Sunday when there is a big game.

Because Fitness is not all about yourself. Its about not being tired for your loved ones when they need you”

The 5 truths of my life.

As the day reaches its end I find myself contemplating if I should tell about the truths I learned in my 48 years of life in this planet. The truth might sound bitter, but it has to be revealed to all if its going to help everyone. I am an achiever– good son, good husband , good father, good friend and compassionate human being.So here are the truths of my life.

Truth 1: It does not matter how you are in school or college whether you are a good student or a bad student, whether you are rich or poor, by the time you reach 48, your life becomes balanced. You are not doing worse than your genius friend. Life has a great way of balancing everything. If you are not doing decently well, then you would have done something really bad with your life.

Truth 2: All successes are based on the principle of persistence. Assignments given in school and college helps you prepare for the hard work needed for later life. All the inspirational stories of some one dropping out of the education system does not mention the amount of hard work they have done to achieve their success.

Truth 3 : Sex is not the only thing needed to have a good successful relationship. It is based on lot of give , take and letting go. Just like a baby who do not keep things to heart despite being spoken harsh words by a parent, it is important to just let go and look at the positive to maintain a relationship . Copulation will happen when it has to. Same cannot be the only reason to have a relationship.

Truth 4: Do not torture your body in your quest to be fit. Most of the so called fit people suffer when they reach old age. You are fit after 48, if there are no aches and pain in your body , if your knees does not hurt, if you can still shop with your wife and play with your children after a hard days work. So to hell with all fitness programs. Exercise 30 minutes, build some muscle and eat good food. You will be for life. Do not abuse your body with too much exercise, too much food, too much alchohol and too much diet.

Truth 5: Do not judge the ability of your children based on their academic performance and social interactions. Take a step back and look at how you were during those times. You achieved everything when you were given the freedom to do your own thing. You need to give the same freedom to your children.