Practicing Compassion and Love towards Others

Practice is not something you do for a couple of weeks. Some Buddhist texts even say that enlightenment is only achieved after performing meritorious acts and developing wisdom for three periods of countless eons. If you consider this statement properly , it can encourage you to adopt a patient , persistent attitude through difficult times. If learning this saddens you , this could be a good sing that you wish to achieve progress swiftly out of your great concern for others, but it could also be a sign of insufficient courage. We all need to keep in mind that transformation of inner attitudes cannot be attained without working hard at it. To believe otherwise might mean we are harboring a form of selfishness.

A gradual approach is far better than trying to jump too high too soon: Otherwise there is a great risk of trying to practice a technique for which you are not prepared. It is not easy to have an intense bond with each and every being, so do not be discouraged if biased attitudes interrupt your practice. You will need the courage to put forth an unwavering effort thought your life. Such profound transformation cannot take place overnight or in a month, or even a year. However you will gradually notice changes in your reactions to individuals and the world. When old reactions creep back in, do not mistake this for failure, but take such incidents as prods to more practice.

If you practice sincerely, you will experience its real value. Under no circumstances should you lose hope. Hopelessness is the real cause of failure. Do not give up. If you are pessimistic, you cannot possible succeed, so do not be discouraged. It would be foolish to give up. You can overcome any problem. On those occasions when you feel most hopeless, you must make an especially powerful effort. We are so accustomed to faulty states of mind that it is difficult to change with just a little patience. Just a drop of something sweet cannot change a taste that is bitter. We must persist in the face of failure. If you are hopeful and determined, you will always find some measure of success.

With inner calm , even external confusion and complication will have little effect on your mind. But if your mind gives way to anger, then even when the world is peaceful and comfortable, peaceof mind will elude you. There was monk who was imprisoned in jail for many years. While speaking to a friend he mentioned that in those 18 years he faced grave danger. His friend thought when he said “ grave danger “, it meant for his life was in danger. But the friend said the grave danger he was faced was to loose compassion against his enemies. Most of us would have felt proud to tell others how angry we got, as if this made us some kind of hero. But the monk knew the true danger he was facing was within himself.

You may be rich, powerful and well educated, but without healthy feelings of kindness and compassion there will be no peace within yourself and no peace within your family. Kindness is essential to mankind.

Cultivating an attitude of compassion is a slow process. As you gradually internalize it day by day and year by year, wild states of mind become less and less frequent. Like a bid piece of ice in the water, you mass of problems will gradually melt away. As you transform your mind, you will transform your surroundings since others will see the benefits of your practice of tolerance and love, and will work at bringing these practice’s into their own lives.