Muhammad Ali-Tyson-Roberto Duran (Story of my 1st Medal)

Son can you show the guests the medal you won. It was probably the 100th time, my dad asked me to show the medal. It was probably the best thing I had done for him in my 21 years of life.

Yet I could not share the happiness with him. It was a bronze medal in boxing for a State Championship. I had grafuated in commerce with not so great grades. I was not interested in doing anything with my life at that point. I was whiling away my time . The only thing I used to do religiously was go for my boxing trainings morning and evening. It was a tough ride towards training centre around 10 miles to and fro. I used to do that 2 times a day. And it was extremely tiring , training and riding my bicycle back to my house.

I used to be passionate about boxing.Before that I used to practice taekwondo the korean martial.So boxing to me was to be just a martial art where I used hands instead of my legs. I enrolled myself as a participant in the State Championships. It was great feeling to be participating. So the weigh in got over a day before the bouts and I was in my perfect weight of 60 kgs. A weight which will never be mine ever after that day. I was waiting for my first bout, when I got the news that my opponent has withdrawn from the bout and I got a bye.

So I was feady for my second bout. This time the participant did turn up. He looke like a tough opponent. Ripped muscles and a experienced fighter. It was at that time my coach realised that I was a south paw. He was furious I didn’t let him know that as I was practicing right handed all the time. Anyway he swallowed his anger and motivated me for the bout.

So the first round started. I was motivated by 3 boxers during my foray towards this sport. Mike Tyson, Roberto Duran and Mohammed ali. I had watched lot of videos about them and I wanted to be like them. All in one. I Wanted to dance like a butterly like Ali, Do the uppercut like Mike Tyson and out punch everyone like Roberto Duran. So I used up everything I saw in the videos during the 1st round. I had a lethal jab with my left hand and a weak right hand punch. So first round was definitely mine as I landed lot of jabs on my opponent. I had definitely got this round.

Feeling super confident in the second round, i was wanting to dance like Ali. So my defence went down and I started dancing in the ring, like Ali. The referee said stop dancing and start fighting. So I went forward with my guard down. And thats the last thing I remember. Bam a right hook landed on my face.My knees felt weak and I was dazed amd found it difficult to get my bearings right. The refree started the count and I got up with my knees still weak. Refree stopped the fight. Its a technical knockout . I landdd 20 punches and he landed just one. My dreams of being Alimikeroberto went down in 3 minutes.

But live has its own twists and turns. There were only 4 participants in my weight category. So everyone won a medal. I got a bronze medal and I was embarassed because I won a medal without winning a bout. My father reached the venue just as the medal ceremony was starting. He saw his son recieving a medal, the first time he saw me getting one. The fun fact is that only the son knew how he won the medal. And thats a secret I was not about to reveal.

So everytime I was asked to show the medal in front of family, friends and relatives I showed it with pride. I did not reveal the true story behind the medal, but sureounded my medal journey with lot of tall stories

The fact remains that as a parent it was my dads proudest moment. Something he could share with his buddies. As years passed by , i realised how we take pride in our childrens achievements however small . I am sure my daughters are going through the same process as I had with ny father. ” Kid , please show the medal you have won”.

An achievement, however small it is , can be a prpud mownt for anyone. All we need is to cherish those moments.