My Life As A Door to Door Sales Man

What job can a go getter, extrovert, wanting to please everyone, sportsman and a recently graduated young man do. The answer cam loud and clear from the Cousin who was an inspiration young man. A salesman is what you can be. It suits your life goals. And on the way you can make lots of money.

So off I went to the first job I could find. Selling fire extinguishers door to door. It was a daunting task ,but I was a enthusiast. We were trained during the course that 9 rejections equals one acceptance. So I was all ready every day to hear 9 people reject my product, so that I can make a fantastic presentation to the 10th prospect in order to get a YES. It might sound funny, but young minds are easy to program. And I believed every word the trainer said. Yes there were promises by the company that you can be a millionaire if you sell consistently 300% over the budget for next 3 years.

At the end of the training program, we were given a kit filled with stock to sell. The manager gave a motivating speech about his life and how he achieved, what we all wanted to achieve. We were each given a territory and targets. I went to my territory and went to do my first call. I entered the business premises with the intention of using my new found enthusiasm and confidence in accepting a rejection. Then I found myself frozen. My mind was saying yes to meet the owner of the business enterprise, but my body doe sent seem to move. I quickly rushed out and retreated quietly to the nearest tea shop quickly. I realised that mind programming did not work on me and I was shit scared of the rejection.

Anyway after lot of effort of trying to meet someone and making a presentation, I made my first call after 2 days. Yes it took me 2 days to find the courage to make my first sales call. It was like to trying to take cold shower bath. You let the cold water fall on your body for 3 seconds and you rush out of the shower , soaped, scrubbed and washing off the soap in world record time. I mumbled my presentation and asked for a order. I was thrown out the business premise in world record time. I consoled myself by saying ” They didn’t understand the concept of portable fire extinguishers.”

Door to Door selling also involved selling to households. This brings out its own charm. You ring the bell, put a smile, straighten your tie, waiting for the door to open . When the door opens , you try to impress the person in from of you with your presentation.Based on your presentation skills or their mood , you will get them to listen to you or have the door slammed on your face. Sometimes the door opens and you dont see anyone in front of you. That’s strange maybe a ghost opened in the door, till you realise that it is a child who has opened the door. The Child is the king of the house and acts like a bully to strangers. Who are you?, What do you want? they ask. Before you answer you hear from the back ground, the parent asking the child–Who the hell is on the door?, Who are you are chatting with? , Didn’t I tell you all strangers are kidnappers?. So by the time you are trying to answer the child’s question with your best smile, the door gets slammed on your face.

Few others experiences in this horrible world of direct selling involves, opening the gate of a villa and trying to get to the front door, you hear a growling sound. Those bastards have not put a sign ” Beware of dogs” and you are kind of stuck between the front gate and the front door, thinking to yourself, today is the day I have to run for my life. So you run like Usain Bolt as fast as you can to save yourself bitten by the dog. Sometimes you met a old army veteran, who is kind enough to ask you politely in a gentlemanly way Who are you and What is your purpose of your visit?. And when you speak about your purpose, you get the marching orders ” Above turn , quick march I say”. A very polite way of saying Fuck off.

My door to door selling career lasted exactly 6 months. My parents were not sure what I am doing. All they could see is their boy going out early in the morning and coming back late in the night.And if he did not hit the target, he got his travel allowance cut and earning only 40 percent of the income he was promised by the company. So that ended my career in Door To Door Selling. A great training ground fo a youngster, but a lousy income generator.

If you Are Fit Are you Really Fit?

Nowadays every one wants be fit. Lot of exercise areas have come up and fitness has become a muliti billion dollar industry. Calorie Count, BMI index, Fat count have all become the norm for a fit day. But the question is are all the People who do rigourous exercise, have 32 inch bicep and can run a marathon under 4 hours really fit. In their quest to be fit, all fitness enthusiasts especially the late bloomers ( 40 years and above) end up injured trying to do too much, too soon. They take help of instructors who are as Egoistic to show their regimen is working to loose fat and gain muscle , just like the student who is also in a hurry to do the same.

Take Cross fit for example. Cross fit has been the latest boom in the fitness industry. A movement which started in 2000 , the normal workout schedule contains of 30 minutes of high intensity workouts. A recent study published by a trio of researchers from Britain says that out 132 Cross Fit Enthusiasts interviewed 70 percent sustained injuries while training and few even needed surgery. Most of the injuries involved Shoulder and Spine as lot of workouts involve Lifting weights and pull ups.

Another fad nowadays is long distance running. Although this form of exercise is considered a excellent cardio workout, too Much of it can lead to premature aging of heart muscles and increase in irregular heart beat. So more running or more cardio is certainly not good for the heart. In fact you start suffering from Chronic Exercise syndrome which is a feeling of dissatisfaction if one does not exercise.

The fact remains that too much exercise is bad for health. Moderation is the key for being fittest.

So what is fitness.

” You are fit if after hards work, you still have time to play with your kids.

You are Fit , if after a hard days work, you can still cook a meal for your wife as she had a rough day at her workplace.

You are Fit, if you can on a Sunday spend the whole after noon with your wife shopping for Groceries.

You are fit, if you can help your parents mow the lawn of their house on a Sunday when there is a big game.

Because Fitness is not all about yourself. Its about not being tired for your loved ones when they need you”

True love A Sad Lie

Love is not s marketing tool , where the good ness of the product is highlighted and then it wears off after warranty period. Yet many fall for cars, flower, chocolates, music, dinner, cruises, holidays and physical bonding as Love.

These are just marketing tools. Tools to show the goodness in a person at all times. But would you love the same person when the marketing tools are not there to enhance the so called love for each other.

Thats a question that lovers need to answer. The first attraction for love is physical attraction. Sex. Lot of sex. But when the attraction fades of and physical acts of expression reduces, love reduces. So frankly that was not love but a lustful feeling.

So love is not to be measured with marketing tools. Love is not a feeling of lust. So what is love. Lot of the people spend lot of time trying to find true love. And after spending a eternity for it, they know there is nothing as true love, they settle for the second best which is ” i am okay with whomever i find “. Then in the name of love, they try to settle with what they have or try to change them to what they want them to be. So love is not a partnership of acceptance or change.

With all the love in the world people get married. They exchange vows and make promises of not letting go of each other till the end of time. Yet they are ready to tear at other at the slightest provocation as years go by. So where did the love go and end up in divorce. So love is not marriage.

In many ways people who are seekers of love are looking for companionship. For its what you are willing to let go when you are in love is what matters.

So if your intention is to find love, you will find it. If your intention is stay married, you will do that. But finding true love should not be your ultimate purpose in life. You are alive to do lot many other things.

My lessons from corporate life

Having started working from early age bought in its way few learnings. More than 25 years has its own ups and downs. Sharing it with ya all helps me too.

Learning 1: Embrace the culture of the company rather than be yourself. It is important to be watchful of whats happening around you before you try to be yourself .

Learning 2: Dont be opinionated about your boss by listening to others. Lot of us form an opinion about our boss by listening to others. Whats important to know is that, their opinions are based on their experiences and sometimes their jealousy. Please note that your bosses behaviour towards you might be different and in many cases good. So form your own opinion based on your own experiences.

Learning 3 : When you change your job, change it for better responsibilities. Lot of times people change jobs for better salaries. It is important to understand that Salary will not help in growth of your career. Better responsibilities will help you as it gives you a chance to learn.

Learning 4: Sort things out over a cup of coffee. If you have a problem with someone it is better to speak with the person rather than sending them a email with copy to the world. Words written sounds harsher than words spoken. So dont try to make a mountain of a mole hill.

Learning 5: If your career is not going upwards then make a lateral move. A lateral move might help you to recharge yourself with new learnings and responsibilities. This move will help you to gain more experience which can help you in the future.

My learnings as a teacher.

Its been 8 years since I ventured into the profession of teaching. My learnings have been many.

Learning 1. Nobody can teach you how to teach. You can attend a course, learn about the learning styles or the psychology of learning and attend all the Train the Teacher classes. But nothing can prepare you for what to experience in real classroom environment. As the saying goes ” you have to jump in the water to learn how to swim”.

Learning 2: It ia important to support your students after class. A good teacher always teaches. Teachers are selfless human beings with lot of patience. If your objective ia to teach, then you have to selfish enough to ensure everyone learns.

Learning 3 : Not everyone can be the best student. You need to be there to encourage the slackers. It is important that you dont give up on them.

Learning 4: A lesson can be taught in many ways. It is important to make it interesting for the teacher and the student. The main objective of any teacher shoukd be to ensure that the student is able to understand and recall the lesson when needed.

Lesson 5: When you start getting tired of teaching or having rough day, please remember why did you choose the profession. It was to help others.

Yoga a philosophy which has been turned to a industry

Downward dog, Lion pose, Breathe in slowly, Focus, Have beer, Eat Biriyani. A simple stretching regimen has created a Billion dollar industry.

Like any other industry, competition increases. Everyone trying to find their own space and everyone jostling in their space for their own originality. Looking at speeding up their own learning by attending fly by night teaching courses. Marketing this simple stretching regimen as a weight loss program, beer drinking program, being naked program. Maybe in the future, you might find it fused with Kamasutra too and there might be Kamayoga too. Where is this marketing of a stretching regimen going to and which other low levels it might reach noone knows. The regimen done by yogis to keep their body supple so that it can become ready for the rigours of long meditation has been turned upside down by marketers.

The students , who are mostly members of this fast paced, fast results, channel changing remote world want to see the differences in their body in one class. Like bodybuilding, they start checking on their poses too soon. They try to imitate the teacher in try to stretching levels without realising that the teacher might have put in years of practice to achieve these levels. As a result injuries are common.

Yoga is not a stretching regimen as promoted by everyone. Its not a weight loss program. Yoga is a state of mind and yogis are able to achieve this after decades of practice. A 3 year teaching course does not make you a yogi. Yoga is controlling ones Ego which means that you dont have to exactly the same way as your master does right from first class. Its accepting things as it is and gradually working towards changing things. A true yogi is the one who does very less of the stretching regimen and spends time on meditation and contemplation.

The 5 truths of my life.

As the day reaches its end I find myself contemplating if I should tell about the truths I learned in my 48 years of life in this planet. The truth might sound bitter, but it has to be revealed to all if its going to help everyone. I am an achiever– good son, good husband , good father, good friend and compassionate human being.So here are the truths of my life.

Truth 1: It does not matter how you are in school or college whether you are a good student or a bad student, whether you are rich or poor, by the time you reach 48, your life becomes balanced. You are not doing worse than your genius friend. Life has a great way of balancing everything. If you are not doing decently well, then you would have done something really bad with your life.

Truth 2: All successes are based on the principle of persistence. Assignments given in school and college helps you prepare for the hard work needed for later life. All the inspirational stories of some one dropping out of the education system does not mention the amount of hard work they have done to achieve their success.

Truth 3 : Sex is not the only thing needed to have a good successful relationship. It is based on lot of give , take and letting go. Just like a baby who do not keep things to heart despite being spoken harsh words by a parent, it is important to just let go and look at the positive to maintain a relationship . Copulation will happen when it has to. Same cannot be the only reason to have a relationship.

Truth 4: Do not torture your body in your quest to be fit. Most of the so called fit people suffer when they reach old age. You are fit after 48, if there are no aches and pain in your body , if your knees does not hurt, if you can still shop with your wife and play with your children after a hard days work. So to hell with all fitness programs. Exercise 30 minutes, build some muscle and eat good food. You will be for life. Do not abuse your body with too much exercise, too much food, too much alchohol and too much diet.

Truth 5: Do not judge the ability of your children based on their academic performance and social interactions. Take a step back and look at how you were during those times. You achieved everything when you were given the freedom to do your own thing. You need to give the same freedom to your children.

My Learnings after Posting 51 Blog Posts in

All this writing about Anger , Lust , Greed and Hatred and given me few realizations:

1 . We as human beings are good by nature.

2. Our Mind is true by nature.

3. All the afflictive emotions like Lust, Greed, Hatred and Anger are temporary by nature

4. All afflictive emotions exaggerate things or situations more than what it is meant to be.

5. Mind and aflictive states can be altered at will.

6. Reversal of emotions works as a Antidote. If the reaction to being angry situation is calmness then it helps you.

7. There is lot of regret for all the actions we do when we are angry. The reason is because we are good human beings by nature

8. No religion promotes hatred

9.All great men have become great by taming their anger. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson mandela and Dalai Lama to name a few.

10. Being compassionate is the new world order

Nelson Mandelas Exercise Routine While in Prison

From the book :Long Walk to Freedom .

I attempted to follow my old boxing routine of doing roadwork and muscle-building from Monday through Thursday and then resting for the next three days. On Monday through Thursday, I would do stationary running in my cell in the morning for up to forty-five minutes. I would also perform one hundred fingertip push-ups, two hundred sit-ups, fifty deep knee-bends, and various other calisthenics.

I have always believed exercise is a key not only to physical health but to peace of mind. Many times in the old days I unleashed my anger and frustration on a punchbag rather than taking it out on a comrade or even a policeman. Exercise dissipates tension, and tension is the enemy of serenity. I found that I worked better and thought more clearly when I was in good physical condition, and so training became one of the inflexible disciplines of my life. In prison, having an outlet for my frustrations was absolutely essential.

Dalai Lamas Daily Schedule

  • 3:00 a.m.: Wakes up, shower, begin prayer and meditation for 2 hour
  • 5:00 a.m.: Takes a short walk
  • 5:30 a.m.: Breakfast (listens to BBC radio)
  • 6:00 a.m: Continues daily routine of prayer and meditation for the next 3 hours
  • 9:00 a.m.: Studies Buddhist texts
  • 11:30 a.m.: Lunch is served (last meal of the day)
  • 12:30 p.m.: Visits his office for meetings with monks, staff, and media. Will also hold general audiences during this time. Typically lasts until 3:00 p.m.
  • 5:00 p.m.: Has tea, and begins evening prayer and meditation session
  • 7:00 p.m: Retires for the evening