Five things which Non-Achievers Do Regularly and Screw their lives.

So in life you get what you deserve. The stars have not been yet aligned correctly for you to achieve what you wanted. Even though you tried hard, the time was not yet right for you to achieve your goals.  Lot of times when it comes to non achievers, they seem to follow a pattern. The patterns is a structured way of self destruction .

Below are the things Non –Achievers do :

They wait for things to happen. Biggest issue with Non –Achievers is that they don’t try to make things happen. They wait for things to happen. The biggest excuse for not achieving their goals is “ I am waiting for good things to happen”. As a result they don’t achieve anything in their lives. Even though opportunities might be near their door, they don’t seem to be aware as they are waiting for the opportunity to  call out of them and request them to take it up.

The body language says it all. They are the slowest people on earth. The body language of Non achievers can be recognized easily. Shoulder drooped, weak handshake,  Non focused eye moments, Low voice and Tired look. They seem to be not confident in the work they do and way they present themselves in front  of other people.

They gossip a lot. This is what they are really good at. Talking about others to others. This their favourite hobby is to create another group of non- achievers  and exchange notes on others.

They complain a lot. Since they don’t achieve much in their life, they are the biggest complain boxes, you can see around.  They complain about Life, Work, Wife, Family, Weather, Current political scenario, Oil Prices and everything under  the sun. Since they complain a lot , they don’t have time to achieve anything in their lives.

They don’t upgrade themselves.  The biggest issue with non-achievers is the fact that they think they everything they need to know. As a result they don’t learn anything new. No new skills. So they remain where they are in their lives.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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