5 Reasons Why Presentations Fail

I am sure you have been through many presentations where you got the feeling to flee the room or take a dive from the top floor. Yes presentations can kill too. The reasons why they can kill is because the presenter does not do enough to make it interesting for the people who attend the presentation. So what are the key reasons presenters fail:

Death by Power Point

Reason one: Too Much Power point. Power point is a great medium for doing a presentation. But this is currently an overused medium for presentation. As a result the viewer does not see any thing different as compared to other presentations he has attended . So the audience gets bored. There are presenters who also type everything they want to say in the power point. So when they  put the slide up , the audience is busy reading from the power point rather than listening to the presenter.  This is a common mistake by lot of novice presenters and the end result is a boring presentation.  Presenters should understand that  people come to listen to the presenter and not to see the PowerPoint. PowerPoint should only be used to support the presenter and should not overpower the presenter.

Trying to get everyone interested in the presentation

Reason two:  Presenter wants to ensure that everyone in the audience understands what he is  presenting. So if he sees anyone in the audience not listening to him then the presenter tries very hard to get the point  across to  the person who is not listening .  The result is that he looses connect with others and the presentation becomes boring.  Presenters should understand that it’s difficult to influence everyone in the audience. So he should focus on those people who are actually listening to the presentation and not get bothered by people who are not listening to them. The presenter should focus on getting the message across to majority of the participants.

Memorizing the Presentation

Reason Three:  Presenter tries to memorize the presentation.  It is a common mistake people do. They get inspired by some one making a great presentation for one hour without using any notes. So they try to do the same. As a result if they forget a word they forget the whole  presentation. Presenters should understand that their main job of a presenter  is  to convey the message from the presentation. There are no extra grades for memorizing a presentation. Most of the top presenters have tele prompters and have some one in the back round moving the slides. Each and everything they have to say is written in the notes and the presenters take help of those notes. If teleprompters are not available then its okay to carry notes and look at it if needed. There is no need to pressurize yourself by  attempting to memorize the presentation.

Time Management

Reason 4: Time not being tracked. Presenters don’t prepare for the time and as a result they are unable to convey the message they want to deliver. For the audience this means no closure. This can also bore the audience as the presenter is unable to convey the core message.  Presenters should value the time given to them to make a presenter. And if the presenter is using slides then the presenter should use the ratio of 3 minutes per slide. This will help him to prepare accordingly.

Reason 5: Trying to impress the boss. When the boss is part of the audience then most presenters  think of this as a opportunity to impress the boss. They think that this is one the ways to get a promotion or a hike in the salary. As a result they put too much pressure on themselves and the presentation fails. The presenter must understand that their job as presenters to take care of the audience. Nobody has got promoted because onf one presentation and no one has lost a job because of a failed presentation. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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