Yoga a philosophy which has been turned to a industry

Downward dog, Lion pose, Breathe in slowly, Focus, Have beer, Eat Biriyani. A simple stretching regimen has created a Billion dollar industry.

Like any other industry, competition increases. Everyone trying to find their own space and everyone jostling in their space for their own originality. Looking at speeding up their own learning by attending fly by night teaching courses. Marketing this simple stretching regimen as a weight loss program, beer drinking program, being naked program. Maybe in the future, you might find it fused with Kamasutra too and there might be Kamayoga too. Where is this marketing of a stretching regimen going to and which other low levels it might reach noone knows. The regimen done by yogis to keep their body supple so that it can become ready for the rigours of long meditation has been turned upside down by marketers.

The students , who are mostly members of this fast paced, fast results, channel changing remote world want to see the differences in their body in one class. Like bodybuilding, they start checking on their poses too soon. They try to imitate the teacher in try to stretching levels without realising that the teacher might have put in years of practice to achieve these levels. As a result injuries are common.

Yoga is not a stretching regimen as promoted by everyone. Its not a weight loss program. Yoga is a state of mind and yogis are able to achieve this after decades of practice. A 3 year teaching course does not make you a yogi. Yoga is controlling ones Ego which means that you dont have to exactly the same way as your master does right from first class. Its accepting things as it is and gradually working towards changing things. A true yogi is the one who does very less of the stretching regimen and spends time on meditation and contemplation.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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