Dalai Lamas Advice on being more Compassionate

Each one of us is responsible for all of humankind we need to think each other as two sisters and brothers , and to be concerned with each other’s welfare . We must seek to lessen the suffering of others.  Rather than working solely to acquire wealth we need to do something meaningful something seriously directed to word the welfare of humanity as a whole.

If in the midst of the garbage of lust, hatred and ignorance — emotions that afflict our own minds and our world – we generate a  compassionate attitude we should cherish this like a jewel . This precious Discovery can give us happiness and real tranquility Alternatives such as taking a vacation or drugs only bring temporary relief . A disciplined attitude of true other – concern in which you cherish others more than yourself is helpful both to you and to them . And it does no harm to anyone,  temporarily or in the long run . Compassion is a Priceless Jewel.

Care about others at all times . Practice for training the mind can be summed up in two sentences.” If you’re able , you should help others. If you’re not able, you should at least not harm others” . Both are based on love and compassion.  Firrst you must gain control over the tendency to do harm,  voluntarily restraining your hurtful physical and verbal directions.  The next level begins when you can bring this destructive factors somewhat under your control , giving you a better chance to help others . Altruism is a spirit out of which we choose to take action that brings happiness to others.  Even a small experience of altruism brings a measure of mental peace right away.

The sequence means that if you cannot help others do no harm . This is the essential meaning of the practice of transformation of mind and heart . This is my simple religion . No need for temples.  No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind,  your own heart is a temple the philosophy is simple Kindness.

My earnest request is that you practice compassion whether you believe in a religion or not . Through this practice you’ll come to realize the value of compassion for your own peace of mind.  The very atmosphere  of your own life becomes happier which promotes good health, perhaps even a longer Life . By developing a warm heart,  they can also transform others.  As we become nicer human beings our neighbors friends parents spouses and children experience less anger . They will become  more warm hearted, compassionate and harmonious . You will see the world around you change little by little .Even a small Act of compassion grants meaning and purpose to our lives

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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