Compassion is the road to relief of your problems

Meet adversity with a positive attitude. Keep this in mind: by greeting trouble with optimism and hope, you are undermining worse problems down the line. Beyond that, imagine that by undergoing the problem yourself, you are easing the burden of everyone suffering problems of that kind. This constructive practice –visualizing that by accepting your pain you are compassionately using up the negative karma of everyone destined to feel such pain—is very helpful.

Every day in the early morning, practice this in a general way with regards to all human beings. Single out all people who have done harm to you and visualize them , and draw into yourself their ignorance, prejudice, hatred and pride. Feel some portion of their negative attitudes come inside you , and you will view that it lessens their problems. So even these people do more harm during the day and  part of your brain might get angry, you will find that the main part of your brain still under the influence of the morning practice. You will find that the intensity of the anger quickly reduces to the point where it is groundless.

You will find that this practice gives you peace of mind and the personal benefits is immense. Remember compassion is not based on agreeing with the actions of others, it is based on recognizing that we are all similar in wanting happiness and not wanting pain, even if we have silly ideas about how to achieve these goals.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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