A Introspection on Anger

One of the great ways of improvement is reflection. Reflection on your actions helps you to distinguish between right or wrong. When it comes to anger you can reflect upon the following:

  1. Anger makes us a train wreck: When you look at the after effects of Anger, you will realise that it only motivates us to use rude words, harsh physical actions and creating an unpleasant atmosphere. Anger diminishes our power to know between right or wrong. This is the ability which makes us different from animals because they do not have to power to decide if their action is right or wrong. Some situations does require us to respond strongly but that does not have to be done with Anger.
  2. Anger makes a mountain of a molehill: Just as a small seed can grow into a big tree, every action of ours can create a large effect. For e.g. hitting your child in anger can have bad effects in future.
  3. Anger undermines the good in you: Your ability to do good deeds can be undermined by the anger inside you. You will stand to loose the potential benefit of the good deeds you do if stay angry. It takes out all the positive effects of your virtuous deeds. Alternatively if you are able to control your your anger then this overpowers the negative effects arising from situations when you arr unable to control your anger.

So when you start reflecting more and more , you will start to realise the uselessness of Anger. Repeated reflections on the disadvantages of anger will make you realise that ut is senseless, even pathetic. When you realise the futility of this emption you will be less willing to be acquainted with it.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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