Does Anger As an Emotion Help

When it comes to emotions there are tow types. One which needs to be expressed for e.g. Depression. If you dont express it or speak to some one about it then it leads to sadness and increases our tendency to do horrible things to our self. The other type of emotion is Anger, Attachment, Lust, Greed which has the tendency to increase when expressed.

If you are angry today on something, then the anger is more likely to increease over a period of time. But when you try to redce anger , it can only weakem. Giving anger the weopon of words and actions is like giving a naughty child some waste paper and matches. If the waste paper is lit then the resultant fire can spread and cause lot of damage. It is the similar case with anger, the fire it causes when armed with words can quickly be out of control. The only way to control your anger is to ask yourself ” What is the value of anger as compared to tolerance and compassion?”

If we dont consider the destruction emotions like anger can cause, then it is most likely to feed on our mind and cause damages for which we can only regret later. If this emotion is not reflected upon then your mind will thin that it is normal to get angry and will not make an effort to control it.

On the other hand those who consider Anger as a negative emotion takes action to reduce it or control it. Sometime Anger might win, but deep down people will try to resist its negative effects. Their inner tolerance will help them reduce the effects, because of their constant awareness that anger is negative emotion.

If you dwell on it, then you will understand Anger has no use. If we get angry with someone what is the result/. Is it good for you or the other person?.The fact remains the Anger harms you more than it does good for you. Another fact is that it is the people who are close to you who have to bear the brunt of your angry behavior.

On the other hand when an unfortunate event occurs which can be handled by you without getting angry then your own being and world becomes better. So anger is many ways is useless. You may speak a harsh word or so to prevent people from doing something, but Anger should not be the primary motive for it. Actions stemming from only Anger has no use in this world.

What is important to note is that anger is a state of mind based on exaggeration of the the object , person or situation in from of you. When you get angry , you make it uncomfortable to those in front of you and those around you. And if that anger gets converted into action, then it can cause additional damage.

Hence anger should not have any place in your life as it can only lead to destruction. And the destruction is that of relationships and friendships. All the disturbances in this world come from the three destructive emotions of Lust, Hatred and Greed. It is better to avoid them.

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