Value of Our Life

It is important to appreciate our life. We have the power to do something good and hence carry a great responsibility. As when we are alive can we do good things. SO being distracted or trying to pursue trivial materialistic things in our life is going to be a waste of our Precious Life. It is important to use our life for the benefit of others.

Below are few things which you can reflect upon when you are thinking about your life:

  1. It is certain that I will die one day and this cannot be avoided at any cost.
  2. The time and cause of my death is no known to me
  3. The balance of Life and Death is same for everyone. Hence I don have to waste time quarreling and fighting or wasting it by accumulating money and property
  4. It is important for me to appreciate life when alive
  5. In the long run it is this realization of m being alive which will help me the most.

Being aware of the fact that life is not permanent requires lot of discipline. Discipline does not mean prohibition or running away from our pleasures of life. It means that when you are looking at long term interests, you must sacrifice short term interests of accumulation and attachments. This helps you to tame your mind and not get swayed by short term pleasures. In turn this helps us in being more peaceful, relaxed and happy. Self realization of our causes of happiness helps us lead a happy and peaceful life.

We have the potential of doing good things, but we need the freedom to do this. So being individualistic means that you do not expect anything from anyone, you dont wait for orders, but you to do things on your own initiative. So it is the responsibility individual to create their own positive future. Both freedom and individualism requires self discipline and should not get affected by afflictive emotions. If it becomes affected by such emotions then it can lead to negative consequences.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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