Contentment in the Materialistic World

Whatever materialistic things we have accumulated in our life or are in the process of accumulating, it is important to be content. Unfortunately we are the the opposite of being contented when it comes to our materialistic accumulation in this world. The moment we achieve slight amount of progress, we are looking for more and more. That should not be case and is a mistake which lot of people fail to understand. Just because we have money, it does not mean that we have to spend more on food, clothing etc. it is important to focus on spending money on helping people with their health and education. Being compassionate when you have money is important.

You are truly rich if you be contented with regards to materialistic things. Without that even though you might be the richest person in this world, you will still be unhappy. You might crave for more and more and become rich whereas you are becoming poor spiritually. The desire for contentment will never be fulfilled and you will always be unhappy.

There is story in Buddhist texts about a king who gained control over the world and he wanted to control the lands of the gods. In the end his good qualities of being a king was eventually lost as he was never happy despite having everything in this world.

Contentment is the key to happy life, so try to be happy with what you have. In marriage sex is important, but if your marriage is only based on sex then it can lead to disaster. There has to be a balance in everything and finding the balance is important for your happiness.

If you can accept the fact everything our life is impermanent . Being aware of that then it will bring in more energy in doing better things in our life rather than looking at accumulating more materialistic things. Being aware of impermanence in our life is similar to us being aware that one day we will get old. Acceptance of the eventuality in our life will only lead us not to fall prey to destructive emotions and eventually lead us to a happy life.

When we are high under the influence of accumulation then we get happy when we get more and more, but in reality that’s not the case. So try this when our desire to get something which we already have sets in–Try to look out for all the negative things about the object we desire so much. The reason we have to do this is because once attachment sets in, its difficult to suppress our desire to have that object.

When you have an outlook of permanence in our life, our tendency to attachment and accumulation becomes more and more and reduces our tendency to be compassionate and do good for the sake of others. When we accept that all things in our life are just pages in our chapter of life, you will be amazed at the changes you will see in the way you look at things in our life. It will reduce our tendency to hold on to anything in our life. We are like tourists visiting a place with a tendency to only look at the goodness in others and the place we visit. So when we consider ourselves as tourists then we stay away from creating problems for the people or places we visit. Instead we focus on creating good memories of us and the people we meet.

So accepting death and old age as part of our life will help us immensely. By not doing so we will develop destructive emotions like greediness. Not accepting the eventuality of death and old age will make insecure like the kings and emperors of the past. Always fearing for their life, their children’s life, their kingdom and their throne.This deception leads to pain for lot of people.

The reality of impermanence helps us to understand the nature of change. Things change, situations whether good or bad also changes. This helps us in going through difficult periods in our life, for we know that the difficult times will not last for long and will change. This brings us peace in our lives.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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