Lust and Hatred: Emotions which narrows our thinking

When we use the above emotions, we focus on one one particular factor amongst many which gives rise to a problem and hence we close the door to broad mindedness. And when we do this we tend to have a exaggerated outlook towards the problem. If the object seems favorable then we becomes attached to it by saying ” Thats wonderful” and thereby increasing our desire towards it. So if anyone come in between our desired object or tells us that the object is not good, bears the brunt our Anger. As you can see both these emotions are based on Bias and Exaggeration.

We lust after pleasurable forms, sounds, odour, shapes, tastes and touches and anger arises when Lust is thwarted. This can be a person or circumstances which interfere with our pursuit of Lust. And during such times we loose our temper and we have no hesitation in speaking harsh words or even get into a physical fight. And when our anger subsides, we are embarrassed by our actions. Its only because we got our perspective distorted by anger, we loose control of ourselves.

I remember seeing a video of a guy who was so angry with his computer being slow , that he ripped out the computer from the socket and banged against the wall. The computer was shattered, but that did not solve the problem. During our angry state we tend to make statements like ” Thats horrible”. ” He is terrible” . The fact remains bot the emotions of anger and Lust distort the reality and make us see extreme of the spectrum between Good and Bad.

Our tendency of over exaggerating things , situations or objects can be avoided by seeing a fuller picture. It is important that we do not subject ourselves to these destructive emotions as they obstruct the truth. So its important to understand that both Lust and Hatred are simply unrealistic. Under the influence of these emotions our outlook becomes narrow and limited to its target. For example when you become angry at a painful situation, you fail to see the web of conditions that contribute to it. Whereas if you saw the full picture and the extent of the factors contributing to this situation then hatred would be impossible.

It is important to realize that any situation is dependent on a multitude of interrelated circumstances and not there as a independent entity. To realize one must observe our own mind to discover how we do the mistake of thinking that things, people or circumstances are there as independent entities. Given that all the destructive emotions of Lust, Hatred, Greed, Jealousy exist because of our mistake of giving importance to qualities like Beauty and Ugliness. When we start seeing that our destructive emotions arise from the fact that we assign extreme virtue or evil to a person or object. Once we realize that our destructive emotions are built on exaggeration then these emotions take a back seat and we look at people or objects in a different light.

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