Lust and Hatred: Emotions That Make a Mountain of a molehill

Both Lust and Hatred are emotions which inflate the nature of things far beyond than what they actually are. Thus making a Mountain of a Molehill. These emotions exist because of the exisitence of “I” as an entity. The moment we start that we exisit as a Independent entity rather than us related to other people and things, we start genrating emotions which inflate things than what it actually is. We start diferentating between us and others. In turn that leads to attatchment of things and thereby creating emotions of Greed, Lust, Anger ad Hatred.

So these negative emotions which makes mountain of a molehill starts with us thinking ourselves as a Independent entity , when in fact that the very basis of our existence is dependent on many variable factors. And once we start discriminating between ” I” and others, we start forming emotions of attathcment towards “I” and anger towards ” Others” Anger as a emotion stems from the fact that its object and you are established as enemy. And when we get angry , the object of our anger is given more importance than what it truly is.

Think about it, when we meet someone and if that person is good to us, then we consider then we consider them as nice. The mind at that point is not paying much attention to the person, but when it does, it starts creating images of the person being attractive or being unattractive. When the mind starts thinking that way then we start making a mistake about the nature of things an maybe our inflated emotions of Lust or greed takes form. That’s the turning point when our emotions gets changed from mere awareness to goodness or badness , attractive or unattractive, ugly or beautiful depending on the way our inflation level works. And if the emotions are negative, then it affects our actions, which can in turn suffering.

This is what happens when we starts emphasising on the “I” and this in turn can lead us to describe things as “me”, “mine” –my body, my house, my things. And when that happens we start inflating the attractiveness of it, without giving thought about its faults and disadvantages thereby becoming excessively attached to it. This in turn leads us to be lusty about it, and if the same object of desire is deemed as unattractive in our minds then instead of Lust then the emotion of Lust is replaced by Harted. In both cases the emotions of exaggerated

As we become self centered with thoughts of my body, my house, my this , my that –anyone who interferes with this becomes an object of anger. As long as attachment is there then our actions towards someone interferes with these thoughts becomes harmful Under these circumstances every one of us has the potential of committing harm.

The problem is that too much energy is being spent on superficial things . Superficial things are the things we start acquiring to cater to our need of satisfying the ” I”. We end up acquiring more and more things cultivates our desire to be attached to things and generate hatred to anyone who opposes our plan.

And when we look at the process of when we make a mistake at a time when were filled with the emotion of Lust or Hatred we will be surprised how the person or object to which we direct these motions remain concrete. But when we look at it even more closely, we will be able to clearly see the conflict between appearance and reality. It starts with first perceiving the object, then determining if its good or bad, then concluding about the objects goodness or badness of it. This in turn generates emotions of lust or hared and our actions are dependent on that.

The benefit of the analysis is that it helps us to reflect on our actions and then helps us toe reduce our negative emotions and perhaps eventually end it. This helps us in developing helping healthy emotions and virtues.

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