Being Wisely Selfish by Falling in Love with Happiness of Others

We have always heard this from our elders and our teachers ” Always put others first and yourself next. This is the right path for living”. Even though this might sound like a Saintly way being the sacrificial lamp, it is also in many ways a Selfish way of living.

You might wonder why?. You see everyone desires true happiness. So if you are happy and loving towards others then you can expect the same from others. The same way if you hate others or are angry towards others, you get the same treatment. So in many ways when you are wanting happiness for others, you are being selfish . Because you are doing that to make yourself happy.

So if you want to be Selfish then be wisely Selfish 🙂 . Ordinary selfishness focuses only on your needs.But when you are wisely selfish then you are focusing on the needs of others to gain your won happiness. This will help you gain more happiness by serving others, respecting others and reducing your unwise approach of being self centered.

The kind of selfishness centered on our own needs, fighting, using harsh needs , always thinking ” I” before others will always lead to our downfall. People will take note of this attitude of others and respond in the same way. So the best way of being happy is to be sincerely concerned towards others happiness and well being of others rather being self centered.

So if you are concerned with the well being of others, then the best way is to practice kindness and tolerance towards others. So as long as your mind is calm and peaceful, then all the happenings of this chaotic world will not affect you. Even our enemies cannot disturb when our mind is calm. On the other hand if we are irritated , then we might not be happy even when our best friend visits us.

Hence its important to be wisely selfish so that you fulfill your selfish motive of being happy. IT is much better than being self centered ad being “I” Minded.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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