Anger and learning from trying Circumstances

It is said the most difficult circumstances in pur lives teaches us the most valuable lessons. If everything is gping well, we can be under the pretence that life is a smooth ride. However reality strikes upon you when you face a tough situation in your life. The benefit of facing such situations is that it builds up your determination and patience. When it comes to anger, you understand tge uselessness of having the emotion ANGER. We can also develop a deeper understanding and respect towards troublemakers in our life as they help us practice patience and compassion. Both being the key virtues for living a peaceful and happy life.

During a difficult period we can develop inner strength, determination and courage to face our problems. If we can discouraged then that is the real failure as we loose a chance to develop our key emotions of love, patience, tolerance and compassion. To remain determined while facing tough situations in life is in itself a gain.

If you look at the difficulties His Holiness Dalai Lama had to face in his life then you can understand how one learn while facing trying circumstances in our life. He had to flee his own country and then loose his family and people. But he considers these circumstances as the time he learned the most.

When in 1959 he joined a mass escape to India, he was able to take out the emotion of hate and concentrate on building a healthy community with focus on educating the younger generation. When you at His Holiness Dalai Lama’s life, you can see that how much he benefited from the lessons he learned during turbulent times. We can also use the hardships in our lives as a launching pad for learning and development.

Real compassion is for every living being and not reserved for only friends and family and for those in terrible situations. True love and compassion extend to even those who are trying to harm you. You can be better off, if you can try to imagine that those who are trying to harm are contributors towards accumulating positive forces fpr shaping the picture. Trying circumstances help you develop your inner strength and courage to face difficulty without emotional breakdown. So in this case your enemy is your best friend.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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