Anger Vs Anger a Competition with no Winner

All religious texts teaches us to be Humble, Honest and Contented with what ewe have. The result of being like that is that our friends, co workers, family , neighbours may take advantage of our way of life. If you allow this to happen , this can be dangerous for you and your family. No religious texts teaches us to let go of life by allowing others to take advantage of us. But if someone does harm to you, the situation cannot be overcome by being angry. If a person shows anger to you and you respond by being angry, this can only lead to Disaster. But if you tackle anger by showing compassion, then not only you remain at peace, but anger of others also will diminish.

As Mahatma Gandhi said  “It is not that I do not get angry. I don’t give vent to my anger. I cultivate the quality of patience as angerlessness, and generally speaking, I succeed. But I only control my anger when it comes. How I find it possible to control it would be a useless question, for it is a habit that everyone must cultivate and must succeed in forming by constant practice” . Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi the Champions   of peaceful transition have shown us Anger and Peace cannot co-exist. It is only through Kindness, Love and Compassion that true peace can be achieved. Wars may lead to temporary success and make people happy , but ultimately such peace is short lived.

When someone is trying to take advantage of you, you must realise that even that person wants to be happy. If you can act with respect and compassion towards that person, you reactions towards such incidents will be balanced. This means responding strongly if necessary, but not loosing your compassionate perspective.

In fact this is the best way to respond as anger and irritation will only make the situation more difficult to handle. I recently show a  video in facebook where two guys were fighting inside a subway and in the middle of the fight , one guy says “ I Have work tomorrow and I don’t want my night to end like this”. The statement immediately brought a change in the other person. To cut the long story short, they both hugged each other and the fight ended immediately. This only shows that if you try to be compassionate to others when people react harshly , you will be successful in handling the situation a better way with love and kindness.

That does not mean that you will not get angry in life. The fact remains that if you recognize your reactions when you get angry , then you will handle the situation in a better way.  Just like parents and a child, sometimes the child if naughty, then the parents should react to make the child realize that his or her actions are not good. This may even require  parents punishing the child or using harsh words, but if done in a compassionate way the problem is better handled.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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