Trans formative Compassion

Happiness is divided into two parts. One which soothes the “ I”, Physical happiness related to material things and another one is spiritual development which soothes the soul. Both are equally important and needs to be addressed to be a better person.

Generally when we take part in activities for betterment of Individual and Society, we care catering to our basic desire to attain happiness by relieving people from suffering. Just as these  activities cater to our External Happiness catering to the “I” , we also need to look at activities which cater to our spiritual well being. All the activities which cater to the satisfaction of “ I” is of no use if our minds filled with the two demons “ Anger” and “ Hatred” . We have to find compassion in our hearts towards others and be Tolerant towards our enemies.

We must be the example of what we preach, if we want others to follow. We must have the same high moral standards of values we want the world to follow. This is what will make the world a better place to live for us and others. So mere preaching without practicing the words we say is of no use. If we aim to promote happiness and compassion amongst all beings, we need to follow Transformative Spiritual Practice.

In life we are faced with lot of unfavorable circumstances. By simply reacting without analyzing, we generate emotions which can cause unhappiness for us. The emotions of Lust, Hatred and Anger are a result of such reactions without analysis. Those who reject transformative practice, do not find these emotions as problematic, but instead embrace these emotions and allow themselves to be controlled by these emotions.  Those who choose to transform themselves view these emotions as problematic for themselves . People who choose to avoid these emotions are people who are peaceful and happy most of the times.

Ethics and High moral standards are not just reserved people having a spiritual practice but for all individuals.  This view takes away the responsibility of every individual to be compassionate towards others and leads towards the  disintegration of society.  Even though religious and monastic practices call for living a life without attachments, it does not say that people following such practices cannot be leaders in creating a positive change in the world.

Ethics and High Moral standards are crucial to all individuals as it is for a religious practitioners.   By not having these can lead to dangerous consequences.  Strong ethics and high moral standards  should be foundation of our daily lives.   If we are unable to make a change in our daily lives then our good intentions remain good with no actions. Implantations of the words of our teachers will make us realize the value of these teachings.

When you want to live a life to making other people happy, we become more Humane.  This is highest aim of all religious practices. And in order to do so we must not give up on these values and implement them in our daily life. As we develop inwardly, we  can contribute outwardly in a better way.

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A 48 Year old enjoying life and its realizations. Away from Futile pursuit of happiness as per social norms and creating inner peace and happiness

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